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South African Powerhouse in North America

The Workforce Group USA is addressing the skills shortage starting with a home base in North America. We offer the much-needed skilled professionals that can get to work immediately and remotely.

The pandemic created a culture of agility across industries around the world, it was sink or swim and remote work was the answer the lifeline, thus creating the New world of work which came with, improved work life balance, decreased overheads, increase productivity and no geographical restrictions.

These factors left a gap in the market a gap we are excited to fill, our expansion into North America, will do just that.

Workforce staffing USA, providing global talent solutions

As a trust a global market leader Workforce Staffing USA offers qualified, experienced, and professional support by finding the correct professionals you need to help grow your business. We prioritize employee wellness and understand the positive impact of hybrid work models for both employee and employer.

Workforce Staffing USA brings the unique and trusted services of a global staffing support leader to American shores. Let us help you secure talent and fast-track business growth with world-class support.”

– Gen Brand, Country Head of Workforce Staffing North America

We have exceptional candidates in the following fields:


The demand for virtual assistants has increased and provides an easy avenue for a second income for drive individuals. HR & Payroll Our candidates are well-versed in employee relations, HR, and payroll management. These vital roles play an essential middle-man function between the employer and employees.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Manage peak periods with our SAICA-accredited and qualified accountants managing your Month-end and project-based financials.

Contracting (TES)

Temporary Employment Services deliver high-impact results with minimal complications and maximum output.

Thriving together

Our goal is simple you have the demand, and we have the supply and together we have a thriving and mutually beneficial relationship.

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Tel: +1 214 407 2654

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